Madeline & Chris

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In honor of September 11th, I thought it would be nice to post this adorable couple I had the chance to meet and capture their love story last week. Madeline is going to school full time in Iowa, and Chris is living in Virginia, and stationed in DC… so to say they have a long distance relationship would be an understatement, and you can see how scheduling a engagement session in Michigan was a bit tricky!

Madeline was getting her make-up done before the session, and from across the mall she saw her fiance (whom she hadn’t seen in quite some time) and dashed towards him and fell into his arms! {from the way the told it, it was a pretty emotional moment…} Needless to say, during their session, the googley-eyes were never ending as they showed their lovey-dovey side in front of the camera. It was also Madeline’s BIRTHDAY so Chris made sure to keep the extra kisses coming without hesitation…

To a beautiful couple, and the start of their new journey… wishing you nothing but the best during this season of preparation. Thank you to all the men and women who so bravely serve our country, so that we can daily live in freedom.

blessings, dayna

Madeline and Chris met at Central in the Music department. He saw her, and friended her on facebook, before online dating was “in” and fate took it’s role after that… so it was only appropriate to post a few of these ;)….










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