Joshua & Ashley Bibeau!

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Where to begin with this post… to describe Josh & Ashley… let’s start with Ashley… Yea, she was that girl. My best friend. The girl I got caught shaving my legs with for the first time, the girl who socked me in the face at my 3rd grade birthday party because she wanted to use my sleeping bag… that girl. Who, through life, is always there, although growing up you realize busy schedules can get in the way of communicating as often as we like, and college lead us to different paths, but through it all, she’s been that girl. We’d stay up, laughing, and being terrified as my dad came out to scare us in the camper… then,  laughing some more, talking about boys, our “top 5’s”, playing with race cars & tonka trucks- not barbies, EW!

Then… Someone invited her to church, and our worlds were changed, more than we knew at the time. I started going to youth group with her, where I re-connected with a boy I had known from playing at a friends house. That boy, through many little moments, that lead to big moments, belly laughs, late nights & prayers, 11 years later became my husband, and Ashley had a role in all that. Which paved the way to where we are now where she’s asked me to be the Matron of Honor in her wedding… and… the PHOTOGRAPHER! But on that day, there is nothing else I would have rather been doing.

That day was the day I watched my best friend say “yes” to the man the Lord had set apart solely for her. Joshua and Ashley are a true example of Christ being in the center. It’s been amazing seeing their journey thus far, and while being Matron of Honor, and photographer was rainbows and butterflies (HA!) , I couldn’t have imagined it any other way. Thanks to Meg Darket & my beyond amazing husband, we were able to completely rock out this wedding, with flying colors. Hence, probably the longest blog post I have ever written 🙂

Josh and Ashley chose to do a first look, which there were absolutely no words to describe. Their love for each other was magnified not just because it was their wedding day, but because of the true revelation they  had of their Lord before coming together as one. They had saved themselves, and their first kiss, for their wedding day. As they shared that, in front of many who had watched them since the first day they met, I believe angels were truly rejoicing in Heaven over the union that was formed! We couldn’t be happier for them… and their wedding day, was everything perfect and lovely, just as we always dreamed it would be… in that little camper, before we turned out the lights at our sleepovers…

Finally blogging these images! Enjoy!

blessings, dayna

^^gotta love the reality of the moment, haha thanks Meg!

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