Heather’s Mad-Hatter High Tea Bridal Shower

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Over the weekend, I had the chance to host a Bridal shower for my best friend who will be saying “I do” and changing her last name, NEXT WEEKEND! It could not have been a more perfect day from the weather, the laughs at the photo booth, to the last pistachio cake pop, everything came together, in just 3 short weeks and was absolutely incredible to share in such a special time for Heather and Brandon.

So many helping hands went into making our vision come to life, and I could not have done it without the help and support from so many amazing people. Our close friends Katie and Emily ( Dashing Dish ) took part in creating the entire dessert bar display, Natasha with all the games, the vintage rentals (the barrel bar & wood backdrop) were rented from the sweetest soul Kelly  of  Seradella Vintage Rentals, a friend of the bride, and a dear friend to me helped with some of the photos, Daighna of Daighna Photography, my beautiful, selfless, wonder woman of  mom who helped me pull together every detail, and last but absolutely not least, my Macho husband who’s brute strength (physically and mentally) I could not have pulled this together without- MATT MAGER!

The beautiful bride to be was glowing the entire shower with a smile, I swear could move mountians.  Her dress, she had picked out with her sister 2 years ago to wear on her first date with her husband. She found it in her closet a week before the shower, and shared that memory with me, and we agreed it would be the perfect shower dress, and she blended right in with all the decor!

Heather you are going to make an absolutely stunning bride THIS SATURDAY, and Brandon, you’ve got a keeper that’s for sure 😉  Enjoy our Mad-Hatter tea party that Heather has always talked about! 😀

blessings, dayna

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