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Nordman Lake Lodge // Dexter Michigan Wedding // Fall Michigan Wedding

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Jasion and Christina planned and planned for this day, but no one could have planned, and dreamed of a more perfect fall day, here in the Mitten. With their outdoor ceremony at Nordman Lake Lodge in Dexter, Michigan, perfect weather was just what they needed to make this day swoon worthy- oh, and each other!

This wedding was one for the books for me, as I was 38.5 weeks pregnant, but Jasion and Christina were utter rockstars, and couldn’t have made my job easier on their wedding day. From their first look that brought tears and laughter, to walking down the aisle to their happily ever after, this couple has the greatest adventure ahead of them.

Jaison and Christina, thank you for trusting me with your day. Wishing you nothing but the best in years to come!

blessings, dayna

Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-001 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-002 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-003 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-004 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-005 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-006 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-007 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-008 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-009 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-010 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-011 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-012 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-013 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-014 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-015 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-016 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-017 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-018 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-019 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-020 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-021 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-022 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-023 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-024 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-025 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-026 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-027 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-028 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-029 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-030 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-031 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-032 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-033 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-034 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-035 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-036 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-037 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-038 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-039 Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-040    Nordman_Lake_Lodge_WEDDING-042

Amazing Vendors:

Second Photographer: Shasta Marie Photography
cake: Zingermans

dj/band/entertainment: Daniel Long-DJ

flowers: Red Poppy Floral

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Peninsula Room | Traverse City Michigan | Wedding Photography

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Adam and Melissa, two people with ginormous hearts from the mitten, that life’s paths led them both to the East Coast after college. But, they knew in their hearts that coming home to Michigan for their wedding was something they both wanted.  And not just anywhere in Michigan, but the breathtaking views of Traverse City. Their first look at the Chateau Chantal Winery of Traverse City, gave for the best view, quite arguably, in the entire state. This couple, in essence, had that something that we hope all couples have in front of our camera’s. Them. Their Stories. Their lives as individuals, and the excitement that comes from combining those separate stories, into one on their wedding day.

With storms rated almost hurricane strength just the weekend before, family and friends from all over the Country were happy when there was just a little sprinkle during their ceremony, “for luck”, and not the storms from the weekend before. With damage still being all around the town, uprooted trees, and power lines down, it became a quick “joke” of the day, as the ceremony had an uprooted tree right by it. Melissa was a trooper about the situation, and they both agreed we had to use it in the photos somehow. (hence, the night rain photo when them on the uprooted tree :))

The Peninsula Room in Traverse City, overlooking Lake Michigan was where their reception was held, and where friends and family learned to Polka thanks to Adam and his mom’s first dance. Where they celebrated as the New “Mr&Mrs.” Yorkers. (Melissa and Adam York)

Adam and Melissa, wishing you nothing but the best this life has to offer you back in the East Coast. What an amazing time celebrating with you two! Congrats.

blessings, dayna


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