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An Intimate Wedding Chapel Wedding // Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer

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Paul and Sarah had an intimate celebration of their love at a charming wedding chapel near Detroit, Michigan. From what started as a poke on an online dating site, and lead to a first dinner at Carabas (because everyone bonds over pasta!), and everything till this day, that brought them together – their day brought all the feels.

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Weber’s Inn Wedding // Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer

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“I’m not just blessed by God” Amy giggled, “By now, I’ve come to say I’m spoiled rotten by Him.”

The very essence of this couple brings light.

Meet Amy + Jim; Lovers first and foremost of The Lord,  their two beautiful daughters, and each other.

They met online after both deciding it would be their “last chance”. Amy customized her profile as a prayer to her future husband who may had been reading.

Well sure enough, he was- and not too long after that, that same woman who wrote a letter to her future husband – was walking down the aisle to say “I Do.”

The beauty of their story unraveled with hints of butterflies around to celebrate their coming together as one. Butterflies are kept hidden, and kept safe, until they are ready to emerge into the full beauty that they were created to rise in. Amy & Jim’s story is one of second chances, beauty from ashes and exudes the light of God’s love for his children.

From their first look, to the last dance, Amy and Jim would not let smiles leave their face. (this could also have been  partially because of the surprise 80’s mullets & neon stockings that made an appearance at the reception…)

They made a commitment to each other, and to their two girls, of forever with family and friends by their side at their home church, and Weber’s Inn of Ann Arbor Michigan.

Enjoy seeing their day unfold & their story retold.

blessings, dayna

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Vendor Love:

Venue: Weber’s Inn // Ann Arbor Michigan

Photographer: Dayna Mae Photography

2nd Photographer: Daighna Rayner

Cake: Weber’s

Details/Calligraphy/Invitations: Snarky But Joyful // Jenn Millspaugh

Flowers: DIY butterfly bouquet // The Bride

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