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Intimate Summer Wedding | Zingerman’s Cornman Farms

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Ann Arbor Barn Wedding Venue | Michigan Wedding Photographer 

This intimate summer wedding at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms was one for the books! The summer florals, to Hannah’s gown that fit like a glove, brought this itntimate summer wedding to life! 

It was the perfect summer day for an intimate wedding at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms, just outside of Ann Arbor in Dexter, Michigan. The rain held off, and the sun came out right before Hannah + Bill said their “I Do’s”.

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Rachael + Evan | Frutig Farms – The Valley Wedding

Gorgeous Winter Barn Wedding | Frutig Farms, The Valley | Ann Arbor Michigan

share: FacebooktwitterFacebooktwitterTo say that this Michigan winter barn wedding at Frutig Farms, The Valley was the most magical wedding celebration would be an understatement.

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A Rustic Backyard Wedding // Ann Arbor Michigan

share: FacebooktwitterFacebooktwitterMeet Lindsay + Jim: Lovers of Downtown Ann Arbor, The Chicago Cubs,  & their dog, Lily.

Currently residing in Chicago, Illinois, they both grew up in Michigan and knew they wanted to get married with family and friends close by. After entertaining the idea of getting married in the backyard of the home Lindsay grew up in, that dream became a reality for them on the grounds of her childhood home, with a backyard wedding in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

“After spending most of our childhood running around in the backyard, or riding in the golf cart with our dad, it was pretty surreal seeing my big sister and him walk out the front door and down the aisle to her groom” said her sister, during toasts. Surreal indeed, and this gorgeous wedding was dreamed up by the bride and groom, and brought to life (flawlessly) by the talented team at Luna Soiree Events.

With a stunning dress from The Gown Shop in Ann Arbor, and Navy hand embroidered tuxedos for the groom & groomsmen, (to bring out their inner Wolverine) this bridal party was dressed to the nine, with their favorite drink on the rocks, and smiles on their faces the entire day.

This Ann Arbor Michigan backyard wedding was one for the story books, complete with a fairy garden, and handmade sentimental elements scattered around the property. With a perfect Michigan Summer day, Lindsay and Jim said their “I Do’s” under an oak tree she climbed as a little girl, with family and friends surrounding them from all over the globe.

Lindsay and Jim, wishing you nothing but the best this beautiful life has to offer!

blessings, dayna

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Shoutout to all the vendors who made this day flawless:

Wedding Planner: Luna Soiree Events

Dress: The Gown Shop // Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hair + Make up: Lily Grace

Second Photographer: Rachel Shomsky

Florist: Ousterhout’s Flowers

China + glassware: Event Source

Rustic Rentals: Firefly Premier

Chairs: Elegant Events

Videography & Photobooth: My Touch Productions

Band: Collision Six

Food: Zingerman’s Catering

Cake: Zingerman’s Bakehouse

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