Miracle Baby

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Lukas, at his young age, has taught me a very valuable lesson, that doctor’s don’t know everything, and thank God for that! Shannon and Shawn are really good friends of ours, so seeing them through the whole pregnancy was such an awesome journey! The faith they had was incredible, from the time the doctor’s told Shannon about the severe kidney stones that she had early in the pregnancy, to later on when spots were visible on Lukas’s brain that could be something serious, and THEN to the doctor’s saying that he may have an irregular heart. Shannon & Shawn decided not to have any additional tests taken, and to wait on the LORD for the healing that HE promises. HE formed Lukas to be perfect in the womb, and that is the promise that we all were clinging to. I remember specifically one Sunday morning in Church when the worship team started singing the song “Healer” which simply states that the Lord is capable to heal ANY disease, and He walks with us, hand in hand through it all. That Sunday morning, I went up to Shannon where her mom and family were standing around her with their hands on her belly, praying for a complete healing in baby Lukas. I truly believe he was healed right then.

Seeing Lukas only 6 hours after birth, he looked perfect, one of the most gorgeous babies I have seen, and I have seen a lot of babies in this career 🙂 They were going to run tests on Lukas in 48 hours, but we already trusted that the Lord had healed his brain and heart. Looking at him in Shannon’s arms, I knew that the Lord was working miracles in that hospital room. To make a long story short, when the test results came back, everything in Lukas was perfectly normal and perfectly healthy- just as the Lord created Him. Doctors know a lot, but in this case, not everything, they didn’t know the healing power of Our Creator!

These are pictures we took over the weekend at just 4 weeks old. Getting to know this little man has been a blast, and seeing how God’s hand has been upon Him since day one has been a blessing to many. Look at this baby- and try to tell me he’s not a miracle! 🙂

blessings, dayna

PRAISING JESUS for a complete healing :):)

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3 observations on “Miracle Baby
  1. emily

    ohhhhhhhhhhh my goodness dayna!!! you did a beautiful job!! he is perfect! praise the Lord!

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