Downtown Ann Arbor | Vinology Wedding

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Katlyn and Mike were so much fun to work with. Their witty personalities came through with every detail of their day. They met at work, and are both Police Officers, so Katlyn was so excited to tell me that instead of favors, they would be getting donuts for everyone… “get it, ” she giggled… “we’re cops!” ūüôā From that moment on, I knew we were a great match!

They were wed during¬†an intimate ceremony at ¬†the¬†Mathi Botanical Garden in Ann Arbor. The sun peaked out right before their “I Do’s” and the day unfolded perfectly from that moment on. Oh, and that was after I showed up with 2 different boots I might add- one black, and on TAN! Yes, that was this day, and they will never let me forget it. Or as they kindly said it, “we thought you were setting a new fashion trend, you know, all artsy or something…” Told you, witty they were, and we had the best time with them.

Katlyn put much thought into the details of their day, and when we walked into their reception at Vinology downtown Ann Arbor, we nearly gasped. You know that good luck tradition, or saying rather, ¬†that “1000 paper cranes, ¬†held together by strings¬†¬†will bring good luck, safety and health.” Well that was it. They had 1,000 paper cranes hanging beautifully from the room. It was the perfect ambiance for an intimate downtown Ann Arbor wedding.

Katlyn and Mike, Best of luck, love and laughter to you both!

blessings, dayna


Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-001 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-002 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-003 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-004 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-005 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-006 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-007 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-008 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-010 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-011 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-012 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-013 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-014 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-015 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-016 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-017 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-018 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-019 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-020 Ann_Arbor_Vinology_wedding_-021

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