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Meet Paige Ann | 3 weeks new and sweet as ever!

Big brother Cooper is starting to get a little more comfortable with his little sister, and was awesome with her in the studio! Pagie was a little unsure, but part of newborn & a new family of 4 photography, is capturing life as it is. Giggles, tears and all. I absolutely adore the last two images. To me, they convey the reality of a new family, adjusting, but happier than ever.

blessings. dayna

Paige Ann 1 Paige Ann 3 Paige Ann 4 Paige Ann 2 Paige Ann 7 Paige Ann 6 Paige Ann 5 Paige Ann 8 Paige Ann 9 Paige Ann 10 Paige Ann 11 Paige Ann 12

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