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from love, from loss,

sometimes breaths upon the most beautiful love stories + new beginnings.

Meet Jim + Soojin.

I mean this when I say, this Intimate Wedding at Weller’s Carriage House in Saline, Michigan was on of my absolute favorite weddings to date.

And I knew that may be the case, from the moment I met with Jim + Soojin over coffee and wedding albums before their big day.

In telling me their “how we met,” after both raising children into adulthood, Jim became widowed after 30 years of marriage to his late wife.

The way Soojin looked at him as he told the story, and the way they connected, the way she understood, and the way their hearts beat together was one of the most beautiful moments and truly joining of souls, I had ever seen.

“Though, maybe not at first, ” Jim paused…

“despite her trying to give me the Heisman early, I proved to be too irresistible, with my pretty talk and lame jokes. Turns out she was a sucker for all that. We discovered that we both had a knack for making the other laugh out loud, cry with joy, and feel deeply loved every minute of the day. Something I wasn’t sure was possible again”

Their laughter, and the joy + tears that radiated throughout their toasts, and I Do’s, ¬†brought the possible to reality. As they both said before the wedding, for what they were most excited for, came true with family as friends gathered together at their Intimate Wedding at Weller’s Carriage house in Saline.

“The moment when the possible becomes the real, the feeling that fills me up whenever I’m with her, and the knowledge that this is my life now, and forever. Our new reality we get to live out every day.”

I mayyyy have cried as much at this wedding than I did at my own, because of the intimacy and rawness that breathed naturally from every moment. Thank you, Jim and Soojin, for letting me forever capture a glimpse inside your now reality as the once unknown, became a reality to you both. Nothing but all the best for you both in the future.

blessings, dayna

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