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Frutig Farms Wedding // The Valley // Ann Arbor Michigan

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Where to begin with this day,¬†with Ally + Brandon… and their son, Timmy- Who, ladies, is still single. ūüėČ

With an intimate outdoor ceremony at Frutig Farms: The Valley in Ann Arbor, all the details hand created by the Bride, groom and their families… laughter and tears, and man, were there tears.

Tears of joy, of new beginnings, of new chapters, and tears of joy for the memories that trailed behind them.

Tears of missing someone who should have been there, as his memory was made evident through the laughter that filled every space of that barn.

The grooms father, Randy, unexpectedly passed away a few short months before their wedding.

“We’re going to celebrate the new, and celebrate hard, because we know that’s what he would want” Ally said.

And celebrate they did. With friends, family, and loved ones at their gorgeous Michigan Barn Wedding at  The Valley of Frutig Farms.

As they joined hands as Mr & Mrs, and made a new commitment as a family, with son, Timmy by their side, others gathered, rejoiced & celebrated old chapters & new. Welcomed laughter, and a day that seemed to had been dialed from the Heavens.

Ally + Brandon (and Timmy) wishing you nothing but the best life has to offer.

blessings, dayna


Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0021 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0022 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0023 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0024 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0025 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0026    Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0029 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0027 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0028 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0030    Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0032 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0033 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0034 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0035 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0036 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0037    Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0039 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0038 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0040 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0041    Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0043 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0042 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0044 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0045    Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0047 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0046 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0048 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0049 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0050 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0051 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0052 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0053 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0054 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0055 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0056 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0057 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0058 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0059 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0060 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0061    Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0063 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0062    Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0065 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0064 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0066 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0067 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0068 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0069 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0070 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0071 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0072 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0073    Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0076 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0074 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0075    Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0077 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0078    Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0080   Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0079 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0083     Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0085 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0081 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0082 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0084    Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0088    Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0090 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0086 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0087     Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0094 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0093 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0092 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0091 Frutig_Farms_Ann_Arbor_Wedding_0089

Shout out to the Venors of Ally & Brandon’s Big Day!

Venue: Frutig Farms // The Valley // Ann Arbor Michigan: http://frutigfarms.com/

Photographer: Dayna Mae Photography

2nd Photographer: Daighna Rayner

Cake: Gwen’s Cakes

Dj/band/entertainment: J Man’s Live DJ Service

Flowers: Lily’s Flowers

Officiant: Pastor Jim Lancaster



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Vintage to Vogue: A Cottonwood Barn Styled Shoot

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In the fall, I was given an incredible opportunity¬†to work along side some of the most ¬†inspiring creative professionals in the industry. This styled shoot was ¬†dreamed up, designed, and orchestrated by Kaeli Garcia of Luna Soiree Events. The Venue, Cottonwood barn, is a barn in Dexter, that was recently restored to a absolute breathtaking venue for weddings and events. Hence, the name & vision casted ¬†for the styled shoot: Vintage to Vogue. From the jaw dropping 2 ton chandler hanging over the barn’s rafters, to the pond painted with colored leaves, Cottonwood Barn is the Peanut butter and Jelly to today’s vintage chic bride!

Shooting with Melanie, of Melanie Reyes Photography, our goal was to capture every detail that lied within the vision for the day. Capturing the ambiance of a Fall wedding at Cottonwood barn was a whimsical experience. I am so happy for this local venue, (with the sweetest owners, I must add!) and all the creative professionals who had a hand in bringing this vision to life, to display a glimpse of Cottonwood Barn’s beauty!¬†

blessings, dayna


















{also featured in BE MINKED: http://beminked.com/enchanting-vintage-inspired-michigan-styled-shoot/ }


Photographer:  Melanie Reyes Photography  |  Equipment Rentals: A1 Rental  |  Reception Venue: Cottonwood Barn, LLC  |  Second Shooter: Dayna Mae Photography  |  Invitation Designer: ElliBell Creative  |  Musicians: Elysium  |  Favors and Gifts: Hello! Ice Cream and Gelato  |  Jewelry: LaJolla Jewelers  |  Linens and Coverings: Linen Hero  |  Event Planner: Luna Soiree Events  |  Caterer: Melange Catering  |  Floral Designer: Red Poppy Floral  |  Design and Decor: Serradella Vintage |  Makeup Artist: Sharla Mohoney Bridal  |  Dress Store: White Arbor Bridals


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