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Jessica + Dan: An Ann Arbor Engagement

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Dan + Jessica were all sorts of fun for their engagement session a few weeks back. Their fall Weller’s wedding can’t come soon enough! ūüôā

blessings, dayna

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Elise and Tyler: Ann Arbor Engagement Session

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In this beautiful life, it’s always amazing to me how,

two souls,

destined to be together,

after years of being apart,

and living in different states,

seem to still find their way back to each other…

Meet Elise, and Tyler, an absolutely incredible couple who will be saying their “I Do’s” this September with family, friends, and loved ones by their side.

To this day, Elise giggles, and her baby blues are lost in the roar of her ridiculously adorable squinted laughter , as she remembers when the “new kid” walked into her 7th grade classroom. From the moment she laid eyes on him, she said to herself, “Oh he HAS to be part of “our group!” Elise and Tyler ¬†remained best friends for the next fifteen years, as life took them separately across the world, through many ups, downs, twists and turns, yet something without each-other close; always felt incomplete.

One hot Michigan summer night in 2011, ¬†Elise’s best friend turned into someone she knew she could’t be without. Someone who she could see herself waking up to every morning, building dreams, chasing adventure with, and loving deeply, for the rest of their lives.

That summer night, she fell in love with her best friend of fifteen years, Tyler Kutt, the same boy who walked into her 7th grade classroom fifteen years earlier; ¬†that Michigan summer’s eve, they shared their first kiss.

That first kiss, lead to a new chapter, an exciting chapter, which would lead Elise out of the Windy City, and to Grand rapids Michigan, where they share many kisses, their childhood memories, and their obnoxiously sweet Shiba Inu Puppy  named  Meeks.

blessings, dayna

ann_arbor_engagement_01 ann_arbor_engagement_02 ann_arbor_engagement_03 ann_arbor_engagement_05

ann_arbor_engagement_04 ann_arbor_engagement_06





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…and because who does’t love an old throwback of these two adorable souls?…



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