A Shocking Proposal At Mill Race Village | Northville Michigan Engagement

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Meet David and Angela, the sweetest couple in all the land!

After weeks of planning this surprise¬†with David, I couldn’t have been happier to be a part of their Proposal at Millrace Village of Northville.

David contacted me a few months back about documenting his proposal to Angela. After the hoops of getting a permit to shoot at Mill Race Village, and good ole Michigan Octobers never knowing if it’d be 90 and sunny or 30 and rainy (and after rescheduling a few times) the day had finally come for David to propose to Angela.

They both love caricature and have always wanted to start a collection of them, since their first one at Cedar Point. (that was terrible, David claims).

David hired a local caricature Artist and planned the perfect surprise proposal for his bride to be.


This caricature artist was “needing models for a school project to draw”, and “happened” to find David and Angela in the parking lot, and asked if he could draw them. Not expecting anything at this point, yours truly was plotting the perfect scheme of being no-showed by my clients and wanted to come alongside and watch the artist draw them. A plan David and I didn’t agree on, but I had to chip in to make sure this was truly a surprise for Angela. At one point after he popped the question, David even said he honestly thought I was being no-showed and was the wrong photographer! “Does she know it’s me?” he thought to himself… Maybe I missed my calling as an actress ūüėČ

The artist that was drawing them, was actually drawing David on one knee, to Angela’s surprise! It was the sweetest moment as the caricature artist revealed¬†his painting to them, David got down on one knee, and asked Angela to spend forever with him! This was not only the start of their caricature painting collection together, but a lifetime of surprises and adventure as Angela said a resounding, “YES!”

David, KUDDOS FOR HIRING A PHOTOGRAPHER to document these moments, and wishing you and Angela nothing but the best in the coming weeks and months of planning your dream wedding, and the rest of your lives together! (I hope to be there ;))

blessings, dayna mae

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Outdoor Summer Northern Michigan Wedding | The Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor Michigan

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Matt + Sami’s Northern Michigan¬†destination wedding at the Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor, Michigan¬†this summer was one for the books. A four-season, five-star resort tucked in the heart of the¬†Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore ¬†was the perfect destination for a romantic mountaintop ceremony site in pure Michigan! From her Cinderella Blue blouse she wore + her flowy bridal skirt, the mountain that overlooked Lake Michigan as they said their “I-Do’s” and their rustic ski lodge for the reception,¬† these two strayed away from traditional, for something meaningful + them!

Sami grew up on the ski lifts of the Homestead resort in Glen Arbor, Michigan, so having her wedding there was a full circle moment for her¬†entire family. The ski lifts her dad took her and her sister up to ski all those years before, he was now taking her up to the top for the greatest ride of all, giving his little girl away in hand, and her future husband in sight. But their¬†Northern Michigan weddings wasn’t just full of Sami’s childhood… Miles down the road was a family cottage that Matt grew up going to all his life. Miles away from each other¬†all those years, then fast forward to their wedding day, and all those years vacationing a few miles from each other, they now became husband and wife in the very same city!

Not only was their wedding at the Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor, Michigan that out of a Northern Michigan dream, but Sami + Matt brought their own wedding day magic! Everyone present could feel the genuine love, excitement, and relaxed presence the two of them shared as they started their next adventure together as husband and wife.

This Summer Northern Michigan wedding was a highlight of our summer, and we couldn’t have been happier to document their day (and sneak a few dances with their families before the night was done!)


Sami + Matt wishing you two a life filled with adventure, lakeshores, a few waves, but mostly enjoying the destination with whatever comes your way!

blessings, dayna mae



Venue: The Homestead Resort, Glen Arbor, Michigan (Mountian Top)

Florist: Field of Flowers North

Cake: Aunt B’s Cakes and Desserts

DJ : Mike Staff productions


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A Tear-Jerking Northern Michigan Proposal // Anita + Josh //

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Saugatuck Michigan Wedding Photographer | Northern Michigan Engagement Session

I feel like I could cry writing this post and sharing these moments with these two.

Seeing them, and witnessing some of the most heartfelt moments of two people coming together, vowing their love and commitment to each other through trial and triumph, and sickness and in health… QUE THE TEARS.

Meet Josh and Anita: Their story is one only the Author of Love could write and being able to document it in this stage was a full circle moment for me.

Josh was a dear friend from elementary school, and actually, the one who first introduced me to my now husband (and neighborhood crush) one summer wayyyyyy back when.Middle school, high school, then college came and went, and like most friendships, Josh and I lost touch but never lost our friendship.

September 2nd, 2015.

A date that forever changed Josh and his family. A date, that 3 years later would be a date not to be mourned, but a date to celebrate all that God has brought him through, as that same date would be the day he asked Anita to be his wife….

September 2, 2015, Josh embarked on a boating accident that would change his life. He dove off a pontoon boat into shallow water and broke his neck. Rushed to U of M (the very hospital he worked at the time) he underwent an extensive spinal surgery and spent months in rehab working extensively to regain feeling from the neck up. On that same day of Josh’s accident, Anita was somewhere celebrating her birthday. September 2 the SAME DAY of this tragedy,¬† is also the day God gave Anita breath on the day she was born. If that doesn’t give you the goosies you better check your pulse. As if He was saying as they met,¬† “though this trial has come to you, I see the bigger picture, and here the day your life changed, is also the day I created your soulmate many years before.”



Beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, a crown of glory for despair (Isaiah 61) 

As with any horrific spinal cord injury, the effects are lifelong… But I can truly say that Josh is one of the only people that could be on that end of this injury and still have the most INCREDIBLE, I mean downright INCREDIBLE look on his life that he is grateful to wake up every day to (and he reminds others of as well.)

Josh will be the first to tell you that His faith in God through the trial, is what brought him to his beautiful angel standing by his side today. Watch his story and full testimony here!)

Anita and Josh met through her boss at U of M who at the time was helping Josh in rehab. They way they’ve connected has been divine, and in a way, only the Author of Love could have had a hand in.

Anita and Josh, thank you for letting me be a part of these first moments with you and giving me (and the world) a glimpse into the beautiful life you two share together. With family, friends, and the God who’s given you purpose and strength these last 3 years by your side, I know together you can take on the world. I can’t wait for the wedding bells to ring, and the many full circle moments you’ll continue to discover in this life together. May you always be each other’s¬†beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, and crown of glory as you walk¬†through temporary seasons of despair + many more days of delight.¬†

blessings, dayna

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Matthaei Botanical Gardens Engagement Session | Ann Arbor Wedding Photography

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Ann Arbor Summer Engagement Session | Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Meet Alyssa + Jake

Lovers of life, good food, and masters at dodging angry wasps determined to eat their photographer. (aka ME.)

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