Matt + Whitney: An Eyry of the Eagle Wedding

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There is just something about a perfect Michigan summer day + a stunning couple + watching all the details unfold… as two people, that had before been on different journeys, come together for the start of a new chapter together. I’m not sure there is anything in this life that is truly, more beautiful!

Matt  + Whitney shared a beautiful day with family, friends, and the great outdoors as they said their “I Do’s”. The Eyry of the Eagle in Grass Lake Michigan was the absolute perfect spot for this couple! The grounds had everything from rows and rows of hidden pines + trees, a rustic barn, trails leading to a pond, and fields of golden foliage. Whitney stole the show, from her boots, to her absolute GORGEOUS eyes…. and Matt was such a hoot! 😀

Special thanks to Rachel Shomsky of Rachel Shomsky Photography for being my right hand woman this day…. Bearing the heat, taking on Mosquitos, riding in golf carts, and as always, being a dear friend and making me laugh continually throughout the day, plus helping me score some pretty epic night shots of these two love birds!

Matt + Whitney, wishing you nothing but the best for years to come!

blessings, dayna

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