Jamie + Frank: A Snow Moon Ranch Wedding

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Jamie and Frank are THE most superstar couple we know, hands down. If you know Jamie, you know her addiction to glitter and glam, and if you know Frank, well, He doesn’t mind sharing the stage with his now wife, Mrs. Jamie Dusina! The way they compliment each other , is ridiculously adorable, and somewhat nauseating, but in the nicest way + absolute perfection. To read more about the start of their story click here!

This wedding was extremely special to me, not just because it was a GORGEOUS up north Mitten wedding, but because Jamie is family.. She’s my cousin, who I was always excited to see on the holiday’s, especially because she always had the COOLEST stuff, and the best stories! You know, the kind that would make you literally roll on the floor laughing. The entire time of their engagement, brought us closer, and we got to know Frank, laugh with them, and enjoy the planning stages +  everything leading up to their big day.  I couldn’t be more exited for them, and  honored to share this day capturing every moment, and living it, with my family. Especially since this was Father’s day weekend, being surround by my dad’s immediate family was entirely heartwarming, He would have been honored to be there! 🙂

As if this wedding couldn’t be anymore perfect, a gorgeous couple, breath taking venue, Llama’s, Lake Michigan, family + friends, weather that was out of a dream…. AND, we had the joy to work next to two of our favorite friends Brian and Stacey, as they captured the video of the day! 😀 This is one of my longest blog posts, but everything about it was so close to my heart, I wanted everyone to be able to feel it the way I did when working on them!

Jamie + Frank, I can only imagine the big plans that are in store for your future together, as you continue to look at, embrace +  pursue each other the way you did on your wedding day… Love you two, and Matt and I were honored to be there, with you, every step of the way!

blessings, dayna

Snow_moon_ranch_wedding01 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding02 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding03 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding03a Snow_moon_ranch_wedding04 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding05


Snow_moon_ranch_wedding07   Snow_moon_ranch_wedding09




Snow_moon_ranch_wedding13 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding14 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding15 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding16 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding17 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding18 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding19 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding20 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding21 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding22 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding23 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding24 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding25 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding26 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding27 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding28 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding29 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding30 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding31 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding32 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding33 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding34   Snow_moon_ranch_wedding37 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding38 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding39 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding40 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding41 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding47

Snow_moon_ranch_wedding42 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding42a Snow_moon_ranch_wedding42b Snow_moon_ranch_wedding43 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding44 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding45 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding4 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding46 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding48 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding49 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding50 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding51 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding52 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding54 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding56 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding55 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding57 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding58 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding59 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding60 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding61 Snow_moon_ranch_wedding62


A Few shout outs:

Venue:  Snow Moon Ranch, Acres and acres of an intimate farm land, the sweetest owners, and breath taking view of the lake, owner and day of coordinator, Juliet Sprouse

Video: Brian + Stacey: an incredible husband + wife video team with hearts, and minds bigger than the universe!

Band/Live Entertainment: Nine Mile Smile: okay… really… I’m just going to say it! THE ABSOLUTE BEST crowd pleaser, fun, OOBER TALENTED live band, out of Chicago!!

Cake: Lenea Renshaw

Flowers: Elements of Elegance

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  1. Christophe Dean

    I’m looking at these while sitting in a very public restaurant and trying not to let everyone see me tearing up. These are truly azimg


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