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Meet Ryan & Stephanie, lovers of Winter, fresh coffee, and laughter.

Can I just say, that couples like them – give a certain fresh beat to my heart.  It was a balmy 12 degrees out during their engagement session Downtown Ann Arbor – and though we felt as though our fingers may actually fall off, the warmth between the two of them never left. I may add,  Ryan was desperate to wear my fuzzy ear muffs – and a champ for putting on my hot pink gloves to keep his fingers from turing blue.

My favorite part of the session just might have been moments before, when we met and I asked them a little about their love. What makes THIER heart beat, how did  they meet, and what were they most excited about for their Winter Michigan Detroit Wedding next December. Ryan told their story in the sweetest way, as he came across Stephanie on social media through another friend – and asked his friend to arrange a group gathering where she would be. It was just Ryan and his one friend, and Stephanie brought several friends, not knowing Ryan arranged the whole thing, just to meet the girl that would 2 years later, take his last name.

Fast forward 2 years and in front of Stephanie’s family & a gigantic Christmas tree Downtown Detroit at Campus Martius, Ryan asked that same girl he scouted down, to be his wife. A pretty wonderful Christmas surprise, and Downtown Detroit Engagement if you ask me.

Ryan and Stephanie, thank you for the laughter, non judging eyes as my fuzzy earmuffs filled my face, and bringing to your engagement all that was the two of you. Wrapped up in each other, and dodging crazy Ann Arbor drivers.

blessings, dayna


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