Cottonwood Barn Wedding Photographer // Ann Arbor Barn Wedding

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Meet Maria and Matt, an insanely adorable couple who love their fur babies (Colt + Ruger), the outdoors, and of course each other. They are high school sweethearts living out their dreams of adventure, traveling the globe (especially Northern Michigan), nights snuggled in together at home, and now, newlywed bliss. We got a glimpse of this last year, as we traveled Up North to Maria’s family cottage, also where Matt purposed that winter, for their engagement session.

From the most perfect venue Cottonwood Barn in Dexter Michigan, the handmade flower girl dresses, to the moments before walking the aisle, Maria’s first look with her dad, the tears that flowed during their vows, and the leaves beginning to turn to fall, this wedding was everything them + it was perfect.

Maria and Matt, wishing you many more adventures to come, as life, love, and grace abound in your new marriage!

blessings, dayna

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Vendor Love:

Venue: Cottonwood Barn // Dexter, Michigan

Photographer: Dayna Mae Photography

2nd Photographer(s): Daighna Rayner & Mishelle Lamarand

Cake: Movable Feast doing a small tear to cut and Grand Traverse pie Co are doing pies as desert

Dj/entertainment: Mike Staff Production for Dj and Video

Flowers: Janie Apolloni, the Bride’s grandmother

Officiant: Pastor Dan Wine

Photobooth: Shutter booth for photo booth

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