A Cottonwood Barn Wedding: Dexter, Michigan

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Autumn and Chris’s wedding day was nothing short of a country-rustic fairytale in Dexter, Michigan at the lovely Cottonwood Barn. Autumn’s vision for their big day was a “vintage inspired earthy- bohemian” feel. All of the vendors (listed below) did an incredible job at making this vision come to life for their wedding day. From the earthy plants and dried lavender lining the linens at each table, this venue looked it’s finest on their big day. It was the perfect setting for a Rustic chic barn wedding in Dexter.

But more than the details that make a wedding, it’s the moments. This bride, for me, held a special place in my heart. As being another little girl who lost her daddy too soon, her groom, Chris, wrote a handwritten letter that had us all in tears as she got ready. He remembered her talking about a question her dad use to ask her, “is your heart happy?” Tears came, as she read those words, and I believe in that moment, and throughout the day, her heart would answer a resounding, “YES!”

With her floral halo, ruby red lips, and heart of gold, Chris couldn’t take his eyes off his bride. Cottonwood barn in Dexter, was the perfect place for them to start their happily ever after. Gathered around family and friends as they recited their vows on a warm summer day- with just the right amount of clouds in the sky.

Chris and Autumn, wishing the two of you nothing short of a life well lived. With plenty of laughter, adventures, and little moments. Congrats!

blessings, dayna

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Shout out to all the AMAZING vendors who helped make this day so magical:

Venue: Cottonwood Barn // Dexter Michigan: http://www.cottonwoodbarn.com/

Wedding Planner & Event Designer:  Luna Soiree Events: http://lunasoiree.com/

Second Photographer:  Daighna Rayner: http://www.daighnaphotography.com

DJ: Elysium Entertainment: http://www.elysiumexp.com/

Videographer: Zara Creative, LLC: http://zaracreative.com/

Florist:  Jody Costello

Vintage Rentals: Serradella Vintage Rental: http://www.serradellavintage.com/

Catering: Moveable Feast: http://www.themoveablefeastcatering.com/

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